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Tips and Tricks

Before you begin using your Velvet eyeliner we suggest you practice a bit on the back of your hand to get the feel for how to control the thickness of the lines you want.

Always apply liquid eyeliner over your eye shadow for the best results.

Different colors of eye liner will make different colored eyes really stand out - Green for Green, Hazel or Blue eyes, Blue for Blue or
Green eyes, Light Brown for Green or Hazel eyes, Brown for Brown or Blue eyes and Black for any eye color when you want to make a dramatic statement.

Make sure you have some cotton swabs and make up remover ready to correct any mistakes on the spot. ** Velvet ...by Migi Cosmetics
does not need to be removed with eye make up remover due to its water based formula. A little soap and water will be sufficient**

Remember less is best when applying make up. Use the back of your hand to remove any excess from the tip of your eyeliner before
starting. **Velvet ...by Migi Cosmetics has a unique delivery system which prevents build up of eyeliner on the tip so there is no need
to remove excess eyeliner before starting.**


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