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" i LOVE this eyeliner it is the most helpful makeup in the world!!! and i am only 14 and i'm in love haha "


" I bought 2 velvet eyeliners at the Los Angeles Fair this past Summer. I LOVE the product. I have used eyeliner for 40 years or more and this is the very best I have ever used!!!!!! Unbelievable, smooth, easy to apply, no running when wet, no smearing, stays the same all day. This product also feels great all day, I really can't believe it. I can't imagine not having it for the rest of my life. Maybe I could help sell it? "

Jeanne Vargas, Glendale, CA

Jeanne: If you wish to look into selling this product please go to the Opportunities page under Company Info for more info. Thanks, webmaster.

" I am a make-up artist and tend to be VERY picky about what I use. This is by far the absolute best eyeliner I have ever worked with. Goes on smooth, easy, accurate, and never smudges. It stays on as long as you want. I went swimming all day and my eyeliner never dimmed. My girlfriends all looked like raccoons, and my make-up was perfect. They are all customers now too! "

Elizabeth - Pleasanton, CA

" i bought the black velvet eyeliner 2 years ago at the hair show in New York! its the best eyeliner ever! i have used it ever since and i dont plan on changing! it stays on perfect for hours and doesnt smudge one bit! looooove it! "

Andreana - TN

" I bought two eyeliners at the Durham Fair. These are by far the BEST eyeliners I have every purchased. They stay on your eye all day... whether you cry, sweat at the gym whatever... .they do not run wear off or loose their color all day. Great product!! "

Beth S. - Watertown, CT

" Your eye liner is the most amazing make-up product I have ever tried. I live in the pool all summer and not once did it smudge off. My girlfriends all bought it after seeing my lack of raccoon eyes even after being in the pool all day. It is also the most accurate line I have ever been able to achieve. I love to play with it from the skinniest of lash enhancing to the bold dramatic look. I've had it for 7 months now and it has not run out, even after daily use. Thank you so much, I will never use another liner again! "

Elizabeth B. - Pleasanton, CA

" This is the most AMAZING eyeliner I have ever used in my life. I bought the black and it is flawless!! I get compliments from strangers on how great it looks. Need I say anymore. I am buying my one for each of my girlfriends and another for myself. This is the best kept secret in makeup today hands down. "

Nichole Segal - San Diego, CA

" I have a group of friends (8) that we get together once a week for different functions, holidays, karakoee, cards - bingo - dinners and much more! This group based on the difficulty of business ventures years ago have been in various different businesses: from Women's Professional Sports, Professional Singer, Restaurant owners, Bar owners, Beauty Supply Business owner , Graphic Designer, etc.

We are all mothers, grandmothers, and pretty much set in our own mature ways. A little history I felt was necessary because these 60 year plus women are hard to please !!!!!!!

A few fears back I worked a Trade show were your product was available. I bought the Velvet Eyeliner and was very pleased with the product. I have now converted several of the group to your product and even the Gal that owned the Beauty Supply Business. These are hard cookies.

So the bottom line is I am ordering the eyeliner for another one of the group and I think by time we are all 70 we will all be wearing your product. Fashion, make-up and current events is still an important factor to our over-the-hill clan. "

Charlie Coraggio - Oconomowoc, WI

" This is the Best and Easiest Eyeliner I have ever used! and I found it at the Puyallup Fair of all places. I have tried alot of different eyeliners and none can compare to Velvet Eyeliner! This Eyeliner Glides on so easily with it's Special tip! It's like writing with a Fine Point Pen I Love the Precision it has. It stays on all day with no touching up! If I Want a little Bolder Line I just press down ever so Slightly and Voilla! It's Perfect every time! This eyeliner is the Best in my Book. Everyone compliments me on my eyes and asks how I get my eyeliner to look like it does, because they can't get there eyeliner on that fine. I just give them a copy of the little card that came with the Velvet Eyeliner, tell them it is the Best and if they try some they will Never Use Anything Else!! "

Judy Banks - Tacoma, WA

" I'm a total make up snob, I love makeup and will try anything new. I was skeptical at first when I saw the demonstration but wanted to try it for myself and with the guarantee how could I go wrong. This product is hands down the BEST eyeliner I've ever purchased, I've had so many compliments on my Velvet eyeliner someone asked me if I had it tattooed on because it goes on so perfect. It is totally water resistant, didn't flake, smudge and this is the big seller for me, it stayed in place all day especially in the outside corners of my eyes. I've already told 5 friends about this product.... hopefully you'll try it and tell 5 friends too. "

Kimberly Chadd, MIddletown, CT

" I like this eyeliner so much. You can make the line as thick as you want or as thin as you want. I is great. I brought it at the LA County Fair and it is wonderful..... "

Frances Perez - Clovis, CA

" Velvet eyeliner is great! It gives a very straight line. It gives me coverage on the first coat, but feels like a thin layer. "

Hawna - Encinitas, CA

" I purchased the light brown Velvet eyeliner the Wisconsin State Fair this year - I wasn't expecting to like it as much as i do - i love it actually - i'm going to purchase the green also. Hope to see you at the fair again next year! "

Cheryl Barnes Sussex, WI

" I purchased the brown and the black eyeliner at the Wisconsin state Fair. This is by far the best liner I have ever used and I have tried a lot. I will never use anything else and plan on ordering the other colors. So glad I gave it a try. "

Maureen Townley - Lancaster, PA

" Love this product!!! I bought it at an estitician show in dallas over a year ago and its just now running out!!!!! "

Jennifer - Oklahoma City, OK

" I saw this product at a county fair so I ordered one just to try it out and I am very happy with the result. I have tried several liners and almost all of them don't last long and they smudge as well BUT with this product, goodbye to all the smudges and hello to beautiful eyes all day long. I will definitely keep buying this product!! More power to your company and keep up the good work!! "

Andrea - San Diego, CA

" I purchased one of your eye liners at a fair last year and it lasted all this time, ready for a new one. Thanks for a great product!! "

Vicki Lewis - Cottonwood, CA

" I purchased one set and within a week I order the complete 5 pack. I am still practicing but love it and I am not alone have lots of people interested in it as well. "

Irma Salinas - Alameda, CA

" This eyeliner is the most amazing eyeliner. how come it took so long for someone to get this right? I have friends that have tatooed eyeliner and I have often thought that is the answer but I don't like to think of the pain and upkeep (more paine) of tatoo eyeliner also, I like a bare naked fresh looking face from time to time. Velvet by Migi is THE ANSWER!!! It goes on soooo smoothly and easily. It's truly like velvet. By the end of a long work day or active weekend day my eyeliner looks as fresh as when I first applied it in the morning. I am not kidding. I am amazed and I am a huge, huge fan! Thanks Migi "

Donna - Fremont, CA

" I LOVE MIGI's Eyeliner! You can draw ur lines as fine and as thick as u'd like and the pen is VERY easy to use and control. It stays on ur eyes until u wash them off. I have a Shu Uemura eyeliner that is very similar but i totally prefer this one over the Shu Uemura one, b/c it doesn't dry out or run out as fast! in fact, i haven't had a problem w/ MIGI eyeliners drying out yet!!! "

Beryl - Torrance, CA

" I have tried many different liquid eyeliners but no one beats Velvet. I use it everyday and by the time I come home from work and am ready to go out I don't have to touch it up, it looks just as good as it did when I put it on in the morning. It also goes on so smooth and the lines are perfect, no smugging either.I will never use another eyeliner except for Velvet! I recommend it to all my friends and family. "

Nataliya S. - Las Vegas, NV

" I would hear horror stories about liquid eyeliners but always love the way it looks. Saw this product at a New Product show here in Hawaii and the guy did such a great demo that I just had to try it even though it seemed pricy. I am in love with this eyeliner, it makes a perfect line and will not smudge and will last all day, even with this humidity in Hawaii. I highly recommend this product. Loving it!!!! "

Lori - Mililani, HI

" This eyeliner is wonderful!!!! "

Eva - Silver Spring, MD

" I just wanted to say that I also found this eyeliner at the BIG E and the letters on it rubbed off so I was searching desperately and only find this when I type in "Velvet Eyeliner Big E". I am so exxited. I have never had any eyeliner work better or last longer. Thank you so much for making such a great product! "

Jennifer - East Hampton, CT

" The most amazing thing... great with eyelash extensions because it is not oily, doesn't smuge, and removes easily when you wash your face.

" My clients are hooked once they try it, just as I am! "

Joshlyn - UT

" Hey my name is Carrie... I am a make up artist who is absolutely in love with this product.... This, I think, is the first review I have ever written but I feel I have got to share the wealth. This liner works great... It is easily applied.... And it lasts.... It is worth every penny.... I have every color and they are all as described... These liners come highly recommended by this professional make-up artist."

Carrie Fremento, Miami, FL

"After years of trying every eyeliner on the market, I finally can quit looking. The Velvet eyeliner is perfect! I bought it at the LA Fair and I love it. It is quick, easy, flawless and lasts all day. I love, love, love this product!"

Gayle - Rancho Cucamonga, CA

" LOVE IT!!! Best eyeliner I have EVER used.....well worth the tattoo trade my boyfriend did for it! Thanks again!! "

Sara Gotham - Ventura County, CA

" This product is wonderful.!! It stays on and is easy to apply. I love it. "

B. Kaz - MI

" I love love love this eyeliner!! It is SO easy to use. Picked one up at a trade show and got to use it twice before I saw my daughter who asked me who put on my eyeliner for me. When I told her that I did it myself she couldn't believe how well I did lol. So silly me showed her my secret Migi pen and basically lost custody of it after that. Please enter me for a giveaway since I was forced to give mine away. "


" Love Love Love this product! The very best eyeliner there is. Would not want to be without it."

Kirs - Valparaiso, IN

" OMG I'm so in Love with the Velvet Pens!!! and I'm definitely going to do tutorials using the Migi Nail Polishes - these are definitely genius idea on nail polish you have!!! "


" I want you to know that I have not only tried and used your product - I have tested it in different conditions and have used 2 other eyeliner pen products to make comparisons. Having said that, I want you to know that your product came out on top each and every time. I'm a strong believer in your Velvet eyeliner pen, and I sincerely hope you sell them forever because I never want to be without one. "


" Hi

I just wanted to let you know that I did get your products and I have to say I am totaly in love with the brown eyeliner! You can definately expect SEVERAL videos with that product! :)

I have recorded a nail Tutorial using your nails pens but will be uploading it in the coming weeks :) I'm pleased to say I'm seriously impressed with your products :) I think I've found my favorite eyeliner of all time :) "



" I LOVE Velvet eyeliner. What else can I say? It's wonderful!!! I don't even like make-up, and my friend introduced me to it. Thanks Sarah!!!! "

Jessica - Springfield, IL

" This is the very best eyeliner I have ever used! It goes on perfect! I will never use any other!! "

Jane Houst- Boise, ID

" I found Migi at the Iowa State Fair in August 08. I have used it everyday, faithfully. A year later, I'm still using it. Will be attending the ISF in a few week, and I will be purchasing more. I love that it stays on all day, easy to put on, take off, and does not run or smudge. "


" I love this eyeliner! It's by far the best one I've ever used. There isn't anything like it in the stores from what I've seen. I got it at a hair and beauty convention, the representative was so friendly she even did a demo on my ARM! She decorated my whole entire shoulder, and it didn't smudge! This product is absolutely amazing! "

Jenna M. - Las Vegas, NV

" I got the eyeliner 4 months ago and have LOVED it!!!!! I use liquid liner but this is the best ever. If you like liquid liner there is none other than this one!!! Thanks, Sherry "

Sherry Cooper - Cedar City, UT

" i absolutely love velvet! i purchased my first one at the eastern states expo. and it has lasted me almost one yr. i have tried many different eyeliners but none can compare! i really hope everyone will try velvet because its deffinitly worth your while. my eyes look fantastic and i get many comments on my eye make up. with velvet all i have to do is wear it and mascara. it becomes the focus of my face. THANK U SO MUCH MIGI COSMETICS FOR CREATING THIS PRODUCT!!!! im a customer for life! "

Dominique - Chicopee, MA

" After buying this product i thought it would be like other liquid eyeliners that smear and fall. When i tried this at home right before i went to school i thought that by nutrition i would be going to the bathroom and fix it. When nutrition came i went to the bathroom and i was ashtonished. There was no smear or any other problem. I loved it. All my friends asked me where i had bought it & so forth. Now we all have one. We all love it. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product! "

Yesenia Galvan - Los Angeles, CA

" I have been using the Velvet eyeliner pens and I love them, They're easier to use than most liquid eyeliners because the brush is firm and the length of the wand is not akwardly small. These pens have become a new staple in my life. "

Joy Cambell-Smith, Make-up Artist for 15 years. Toronto, Ontario, Canada


My name is Korby Banner. I am a photographer and make-up artist
working in television and print for over 20 years. I appear daily on the internationally-aired hit make-over show, 'Style by Jury'. I was thrilled to discover VELVET liquid eye-liner a few years ago. It has become a permanent feature in my make-up box! Other than its ease of application, this great product wears well, and really lasts. My clients all love it, too! The unique tip effortlessly creates a fine line or a sexy dramatic stroke. Clean-up is easy, and it comes in 5 colors to suit all eyes. Without any doubt, Velvet by Migi is a valuable asset to any woman or make-up artist's kit. "

Korby Banner - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

" I love the fact that it’s water-resistant so even during the summer months, my eyeliner won’t fade or smear. "

A. Antrim

" I absolutely LOVE the Velvet Eyeliner. It is so easy to use and
lasts a long time. I don't have to re-apply throughout the day and it
doesn't smudge or wear off. It is also easy to take off at night without
using harsh chemicals... "

Tammy - Springfield, MA

" I found velvet eyeliner at a booth at the Big E last year. I use it every day now for work. It is perfect because it doesn't smudge and it is so easy to keep a thin line, strong enough for definition, but not too thick like an evening look. And then on Fridays I can carry it in my purse (the top is secure so it doesn’t pop off like my last mechanical eyeliner) and go right over it making a bolder line for my night out. Its perfect! "

Joni F. - Longmeadow, MA

" I’ve been wearing Velvet Eyeliner for about a year since I bought it at the International Beauty Show in Vegas. I went to a pool party the other day and jumped in the pool make-up and all, not even thinking about it. When I realized that I had a full face of make-up on I jumped right back out to grab my towel and clean up the damage. When I looked in the mirror there was nothing; the eyeliner stayed on perfectly. I was in and out of the pool, playing games, sweating, a bonfire at night, and none of this took it off. It wasn’t until that night that I washed with soap and water and whipped it off with a washcloth that it actually came off. As far as I’m concerned, I would never use anything else."

Marina L. Miacola

" I have been using liquid eyeliner for YEARS. I love the flawless
look of it, but I hated that if you itched your eye you would end up with
eyeliner flaking off all over your face leaving you with gaps in your liner.
At an expo in February I tested the Velvet and just did a line on the back of my hand looked at the price and walked away. I continued through the rest of the expo rubbing the line I did the whole time. I was so impressed that I walked around rubbing it for almost two hours and it didn't smudge or rub off, so I went back before I left and purchased it. This is the BEST eyeliner I have ever used, I brag about it to my friends, I will never go back to the store brand eyeliner. (Also I purchased this in February and it still works like it did the first time, so don't let the price scare you away, it will out last other eyeliners too!) "

Niki - Saint George, UT


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